When you take steps to improve your organization’s supply chain, you improve the overall functionality of your business. Not only does improving your supply chain make shipping processes a breeze, but it can help you save on inbound and outbound costs. The logistics brokers at CORE logistics are here to offer you five different ways we help improve your supply chain!


CORE Logistics improves your supply chain by making the fastest shipping method available for even less! When you need to ship your supplies across the globe, there are really only two different methods. These methods have massively different travel times and prices to match. When you ship with CORE Logistics, our expert team of brokers will find you the fastest air freight shipping methods for your express parcels at the lowest possible price! Use core logistics for inbound and outbound shipments and see the difference!


For the longest time, trains and trucks have reliably been able to move products across the country in only a few days. This is extremely impressive in a country as vast as Canada. Finding a wide variety of ground transportation services is another story. With that being said, CORE Logistics makes the entire ground transportation process a whole lot simpler and more reliable. We build relationships with various providers to offer you a smooth, affordable and reliable shipping experience.


The oldest transportation method is still the most used to this day. Ocean freight transportation makes up more than 80% of the entire world’s shipping. CORE Logistics improves your oceanic transportation by optimizing travel time, cost, and packaging! Ask our team about our container packing and unpacking services!


Yet another extremely important element of every single supply chain is warehousing. Effective warehousing ensures your shipments stay organized and help get your products where they need to go accurately and on time. CORE Logistics offers warehousing and picking services in close proximity to international airports. Our closeness to these logistics hubs adds another layer of efficiency and one less thing for you to worry about. Plus, our reliable security and staff ensure all your belongings are in great hands!

Expert Knowledge

The team of experienced experts at CORE Logistics are able to observe your organization’s supply chain and make recommendations based on past experiences and knowledge. Because we are a freight broker, we can find you the best logistics provider for the lowest cost in no time! For years, our reliable services and strong industry relationships have provided consistency in an ever-changing business world!

See the CORE difference we make in your supply chain when you give us a call for afree quote today!