The demand for air freight deliveries has gone up considerably. The increase in demand has caused shipping prices to climb as well. But why has the demand gone up so much? And as a consumer, how can you keep your shipping costs at bay?

Why Air Freight Demand Has Soared

The demand for air freight shipping has reached new cruising altitudes, but why? There are two main reasons air freight demand has hit the roof. The first is because of consumers, and the second is based on the increased demand for personal protective equipment.

Consumer goods

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more consumers have been purchasing their goods online as opposed to in store. Online provides easy and instant access. Online stores are eager to ship their goods out quickly and opt for the fastest shipping solution; air. Many consumers are buying packages from around the world because they are no longer limited to the stores near them and can shop worldwide.

Personal protective equipment

The shipping demand from other sectors like healthcare has also been quite high. To keep up with personal protective equipment demand, businesses and hospitals have had to ship in large quantities from other countries around the world. Air freight shipping is the fastest shipping method and is preferred by most businesses.

Neither factor can be controlled but there are steps that you as a business can take to minimize the impact on your shipping practices or supply chain.

How To Find The Best Shipping Rates

The rise in demand and low level of resources, consumers are left to feel the impacts financially. Rather than going with the first shipping option available, you should look through a number of providers. Finding the best shipping rates on your own is like looking for a needle in a haystack. You need to find the providers, sort through different prices, routes, and dates all on your own. There is really no way around looking at all your options, but there is a way around doing it yourself. Use a freight forwarder to make the sorting process easier. Freight forwarders have access to a number of different shipping providers and will compare rates, routes, and dates for you. While rising freight prices are here to stay, you can still find ways to stay on budget!

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