Core Logistics offers cross-docking services at our Canadian terminals. Crossdocking is a logistical solution that streamlines supply chain management, reduces warehousing and storage costs, improves delivery efficiency, and can be utilized to meet “just in time” manufacturing commitments.

Our cross-docking services are ideal for Trucking companies, Manufactures, Distributors and Retailers. Processes can be tailored to meet your specific requires and timelines.

We can accommodate virtually any load type, and we have the equipment and skills to get the job done right. Our experience and customer service sets us apart. We can provide you with a logistics procedure that will work for your needs. Cross-docking is a useful tool to reduce handling and storage time and works to efficiently get your products directly to where they need to go. Our distribution docking terminal is specially designed for efficient transfer of goods from one conveyance to another.

We understand the importance of speed and productivity in supply chains, and cross-docking is an effective strategy we can provide. This will provide you with a competitive advantage, and you will notice an improvement in handling times and efficiency.

We specialize in cross-docking services, including shipping and receiving, distribution, integrated supply chain solutions, consolidation, and much more, so contact us today for more information!