Here at Core Logistics, we transport goods by air and ocean and can transport items to any location around the globe. This is achieved through our worldwide network of partner agents who are local experts, and their expertise is what allows us to transport goods from anywhere to anywhere in the world.

Independently owned freight forwarders allow our company to provide clients with competitive and efficient logistics solutions to all major markets around the world. These comprehensive solutions keep customers happy. Our partners around the world are local experts who have the necessary expertise to facilitate the transport of goods. Not only are our partners knowledgeable, but they also provide a personal approach, which is why partnering with different networks and independently owned freight forwarders is so important.

We prioritize that personal approach because we understand its importance and when you combine that with our experience and infrastructure, you will have peace of mind knowing logistics will never be a problem. We can serve clients globally, so we can help with your shipment, regardless of its destination. This is because our partners work cooperatively to provide our clients with exceptional service. Our global presence is quite impressive, and that is because we team up with reputable local forwarders who have high standards and cooperation around the globe is something we can guarantee.

Partnering with Core Logistics is also a great way for members to gain new clients because you will be in a better position to secure new business thanks to your ability to exchange shipments with other partners in different locations. This kind of cooperation has many benefits, and generating new business is just one of the many advantages we provide. Faster quotations are another advantage we offer because our members can respond faster by providing you with current local origin or destination charges. Clients will receive better services as a result.

We follow strict protocols and forms, and our partners are aware of these expectations, so you can have peace of mind knowing we can provide you with worldwide service. Our partners are reliable and reputable, and their expertise is incredibly valuable for our mission. From the response times to the payments and quotes, every aspect of your shipment will be handled quickly and professionally, so you can rely on Core Logistics for all of your shipping needs.

We offer competitive rates and even have a number of tools you can use online, so working with us is very easy. We will always provide our clients with a smooth and stress-free experience, so if you’d like more information, contact one of our expert representatives at Core Logistics today!