Credit Application

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Terms and Conditions

The applicant(s) executing this Applications and Agreement ("Customer") hereby agree(s) that payment for all services are subject to the following terms and conditions:Customer agrees that all amounts due for services provided to and/or any of its subsidiaries are payable at 3133 Orlando Drive, Mississauga, ON L4V 1C5, Canada. Customer agrees that all amounts due are not payable in installments, but are payable net 30 days of the invoice date. Company reserves the right to demand payment of all outstanding and past due freight charges as a pre-condition for releasing any shipment(s) at destination. This right includes the right to demand payment upon delivery of any shipment(s) at any time. If any amount is not paid within said period, a delinquency charge of 2% per month of the delinquent balance shall be added to the sum due. In the event the Account becomes delinquent and is turned over for collections, Customer agrees that all matters shall be litigated in Mississauga, Ontario, and customer further agrees to pay all reasonable attorney's and collectors' fees, plus any other collection/court costs. Customer agrees to notify the Company by certified mail of any changes in ownership and the Customer further agrees to be liable for all losses incurred as a result of failure to comply with said notifications. Customer authorizes the Company and/or its Credit Agency(s) to investigate all credit history, bank references and any other information required to process this application and it deems necessary in the future. Discrepancies or invoices must be identified in writing within 7 days of invoice date. Otherwise total invoiced amount is payable in full.


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